2017 Dr Ehrenstorfer Catalogue

Reference Materials for Residue Analysis

The new Dr Ehrenstorfer catalogue is out now

Food analysis and Environmental Testing Certified Reference Materials

Since 1975, Dr. Ehrenstorfer has led the  way in producing pesticide reference standards. Today, our portfolio has adapted and expanded to meet changing regulations and technology.
You’ll find our latest products in the Dr. Ehrenstorfer catalogue, including:

Odoo CMS- Sample image floating
  • Our leading range of neat materials. Those that are manufactured under ISO Guide 34 are  labelled in this catalogue with the symbol ‡
  • New pesticide and pesticide metabolites
  • Stable isotope labelled standards for analysis using mass spectrometry
  • A wide range of veterinary and pharmaceutical  residue standards, including marker metabolites
  • Popular mixtures for EPA  and other regulatory methods
You can download the new Dr Ehrenstorfer catalogue by clicking the catalogue image to the right or by clicking here.