Novachem November 2015 Newsletter

New products and a whole lot more

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November 2015

Some fantastic things have been happening at Novachem which we’d like to share.  In this month’s news:

  • Novachem sponsors the Lab Manager‘s conference dinner
  • ANZMAG New Zealand
  • PeptiQuant™ interest heats up
  • 2016 Scheme Year Proficiency Testing release
  • New website functionality

Lab Manager’s conference

Novachem is pleased to be a major sponsor of this years Laboratory Management Conference Dinner in conjunction with LGC Standards.  The conference will be held from November 16-18 in Melbourne and is one of Australias leading conferences for laboratory managers.

Whilst Novachem has been around for over 35 years, many labs still are not aware of the range of products which we provide accross a number of scientific areas.  We hope that through this sponsorship people will get to know a little more about Novachem.

To find out more or join us at the conference at Booth #2, visit the conference website.

ANZMAG 2015 / New Zealand

Novachem will beattending this months ANZMAG conference in New Zealand and will also be visiting Auckland based customers both before and after the conference.  If you are heading to ANZMAG, you will find us in Booth #1.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with us, please contact us and we will arrange a time.

PeptiQuant™ interest heats up

Since the introduction of the new protein quantitation kits from MRM / CIL were launched earlier this year, there has been substantial new interest in the kits from both research institutions and commercial entities.
PeptiQuant™ offers researchers to dispense with the old Western Blot analysis technique and use Mass Spectrometry to increase throughput, accuracy and decrease cost per sample.
The PeptiQuant™ assays are now available for a range of hardware configurations including Agilent, Sciex, Thermofisher platforms with others in development.  Assays for humanmouse and apolipoprotein analysis are now available.
Contact us for more information.

2016 PT Scheme Year Proficiency Test renewals

Novachem is plresed to announce the release of the 2016 Scheme year proficiency test pricing and applications.

The 2016 scheme year distributions include the following:

  • Water microbiology (QWAS)
  • Hygeine (HYGEINE)
  • Animal feed chemistry and microbiology (AFPS)
  • Food and dairy microbiology (QMS)
  • Dairy chemistry (QDCS)
  • Food chemistry (QFCS)
  • Meat chemistry and microbiology (QMAS)
  • Chocolate chemistry and microbiologu (QCS)
  • Gelatine microbiology (QGS)
  • Beer chemistry and microbiology (BAPS)
  • Alcoholic drinks chemistry (DAPS)
  • Malt and barley chemistry (MAPS)
  • Soft drink chemistry and microbiology (QBS)
  • Sugar chemistry and microbiology (SUPS)
  • Immunosuppressive drugs (ASI)
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM)
  • Isotope ration mass spectrometry (FIRMS)
  • Oil and fuel (OIL)
  • Nickel migration (NiMS)
  • Toy and consumer product testing and assessment (TOYTEST)

​Each of the above schemes start’s its scheme year in January so can be renewed now.  If you would like to do so, please email or visit for more information.

Novachem’s new website features

Finally, Novachem has recently updated its website with some brand new features to make your quotes easier to put together, track and your sales and accounts easier to find.

Our new online shop has all of our current products listed with product information and availability. You can now request a quote online and we will quickly be able to provide that to you.  We also have a Quick Cart feature which will allow you to add the product codes where you know them quickly and easily to our system along with quantities.

Finally, approved registered users will also have access to online pricing via the website so if you would like access to this feature, please contact us and we can make this available for you.

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