Proficiency Testing Information Webinar

Boost your quality assurance

August 17 Webinar Replay


Proficiency Testing (PT) can help laboratories have confidence in their measurements and the methods used to produce them. In addition, PT is a requirement for accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO 15189, and through LGC/AXIO we operate PT schemes across the food, beverage, environmental, clinical, pharmaceutical, consumer safety, forensic and petroleum sectors.

To ensure the PT process is clear and efficient, LGC/AXIO are inviting you to their webinar ‘Optimising Performance: How participation in Proficiency Testing can optimize performance’.

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Download the 2021 PT Catalogue

To find out more about the schemes available, visit the Novachem LGC Axio PT information page on our website or download the catalogue.

The Webinar is designed to help laboratories make the most of their proficiency testing participation and will include.

-The benefits of proficiency testing as part of a quality management system
-Using the PORTAL platform to input and access data
-Understanding reports
-Interpreting results
-Taking action to optimise performance based on results

The webinar was by LGC/AXIO at 5pm on Tuesday August 17. It will include a Q&A session and we will provide a brief session regarding Novachems role in PT in AUS/NZ.

If you have any further interest, please contact us below.