What's new at Dr Ehrenstorfer

August 2021


For many in the Northern Hemisphere, there's plenty of rest over the summer holiday season, but at our great partners LGC Standards there is no resting on laurels.

The Dr Ehrenstorfer range of food, environmental and cannabis reference standards has been augmented taking into account new regulations in Europe and the latest cutting-edge research being undertaken by the LGC team.


The accurate characterisation of food and beverage composition is crucial to maintaining your laboratory’s compliance with changing labelling requirements and regulations. In the UK, the Food Standards Agency is due to introduce new rules from October, designed to give customers potentially life-saving allergen information on their food packaging. But consumers still need more help from producers – and the laboratories supporting them – to make informed decisions about what they eat and drink. We’ve added 17 nutritional composition compounds to our range, including reference materials for Catechin and Epigallocatechin. Both are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances found in teas and some fruits, but both have also been linked to liver damage in higher doses.  


Dr Ehrenstorfer have added 14 more reference materials to our new range for this fast-growing sector, including our Urocanic Acid (UCA) sample – a must-have for laboratories working to guarantee the safety of cosmetic products. Once considered a ‘natural sunscreen’, UCA was banned from European and Canadian cosmetics following the discovery that its cis-isomer had immunomodulatory properties linked to skin cancer, eczema and hives. In the US, the independent Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel also concluded that there was not enough evidence to prove that UCA was safe to use in cosmetics, and it has been phased out as an ingredient in personal care products. 


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