BioExpress® Cell Growth Media
Enhance your M9 media bacterial cell growth
11 July, 2023 by
Andrew Heath
CIL BioExpress App Note 12Looking for a cost-effective way to save time and increase cell density in your minimal media growths? Novachem and Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL) is pleased to offer our all-time classic rich bacterial cell growth medium – BioExpress® 1000. BioExpress 1000 can be used as a rich media, or it can be used in small amounts to supplement your minimal media. 

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Cell Cultures with BioExpress® Cell Growth Media

Are you tired of the limitations of traditional minimal media like M9? Do you wish you could achieve higher cell densities without having to grow larger cultures? Look no further than BioExpress® Cell Growth Media from Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL). This innovative solution is designed to enhance the growth characteristics of bacteria, overcoming the challenges of reduced cell density and slower growth rates often associated with minimal media.

Experience the BioExpress® Advantage

BioExpress® is not just another cell growth media. It's a game-changer. When added to M9 minimal media, BioExpress® significantly improves cell growth rates, maximal densities, and protein expression. This means you can achieve more with less, saving time and resources in the process. Whether you are conducting protein NMR studies or other protein-based research, BioExpress® can help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

Proven Results, Unmatched Performance

The benefits of BioExpress® aren't just theoretical—they're backed by rigorous testing and tangible results. When supplemented with BioExpress®, E. coli cultures in M9 media demonstrated up to 40% shorter doubling times and significantly increased maximum cell densities. Even at concentrations as low as 0.5% v/v, BioExpress® delivered two to threefold increases in post-induction densities compared to M9 controls. Moreover, BioExpress®-supplemented cultures expressed higher amounts of induced proteins, enhancing the yield of your research without increasing the levels of all proteins.

Maximize Your Research with BioExpress®

BioExpress® Cell Growth Media is more than a supplement—it's a catalyst for your research. By improving growth rate, maximal cell density, and the degree of overexpression of a recombinant protein, BioExpress® can help you optimize the yield of uniformly labeled proteins from bacterial cultures. With just a modest 1% v/v supplementation of BioExpress®, you can experience significant improvements, with even greater enhancements possible at higher levels. Don't let your research be held back by the limitations of minimal media. Choose BioExpress® and unlock the full potential of your cell cultures today.

Product Information

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Catalogue Number


Unit Size*


BioExpress® 1000 (13C, 98%) 10X concentrate

100 mL, 10 mL


BioExpress® 1000 (D, 98%) 10X concentrate

100 mL, 10 mL


BioExpress® 1000 (15N, 98%) 10X concentrate

100 mL, 10 mL


BioExpress® 1000 (13C, 98%; D, 98%) 10X concentrate

100 mL, 10 mL


BioExpress® 1000 (13C, 98%; 15N, 98%) 10X concentrate

100 mL, 10 mL


BioExpress® 1000 (D, 98%; 15N, 98%) 10X concentrate

100 mL, 10 mL


BioExpress® 1000 (13C, 98%; 15N, 98%; D, 98%) 10X concentrate

100 mL, 10 mL


BioExpress® 1000 (unlabeled) 10X concentrate

100 mL, 10 mL