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    Bedrocan in Australia

    Bedrocan's products are sourced from The Netherlands.

    Clinicians and Pharmacists may request a pharmacy information kit which is a comprehensive information booklet on Bedrocan's products. You can request your copy here.

    Cannabis Standards

    Novachem provides Australia's largest range of cannabis reference materials used in scientific quality testing of medicinal cannabis flower and cannabis oil based products.  With over 60 products including cannabis plant material, cannabinoids and terpenes, custom heavy metal testing solutions and Aflatoxin / Ochratoxin certified reference materials, whatever cannabis testing you are undertaking, we have the reference standard for you. Please contact us to request a copy of our reference standards brochure.

    Conferences / Seminars 2020

    Attendance at seminars and conferences has currently been suspended until further notice.

    COVID-19 Response

    Novachem has implemented a staggered shift roster and have some staff working remotely. We are continuing to deliver orders from stock and indent shipments as they are delivered.

    At this stage minor delays to shipments may occur, and some medicinal stock lines have been rationed as a precaution.  If you have any queries, please contact us directly.

      New products

    Novachem has some new products available from our local and international suppliers.  Here's some of what's recently been added...
    Novachem is the exclusive distributor of AccuStandard products in Australia which now include the full range of inorganic reference standards. Please contact us to find out more or search our catalogue to request a quote for these new materials.
    LGC Standards has recently released the latest Mikromol (MM) reference standards for pharmaceutical analysis.  Download the latest catalogue which includes links to Novachem's website here.

    Job Vacancies

    Novachem currently has no job vacancies.

    Novachem Superior Standards


    Novachem Pty Ltd is a specialist supplier of consumables and reagents for research and analysis in the chemical, physical and biological sciences. Novachem specialises in stable isotopes from Cambridge Isotope Laboratories for NMR and Mass Spectrometry applications (deuterated solvents and isotope labelled compounds) as well as standards for forensic and environmental analysis as internal standards and reference standards. Our ranges cover organic and inorganic reference standards and CRMs, and a variety of specialist chemicals for research and development.

    Novachem also provides access to one of the World’s largest range of Proficiency Testing (PT) schemes with over 30 available, the majority of which are accredited to the international standard ISO/IEC 17043. The PT schemes are managed and run by LGC Standards, one of Europe’s largest suppliers and manufacturers of reference standards (both inorganic standards and organic standards) and proficiency testing.

    Novachem supplies to a wide range of industries including academia and health, pharmaceutical and environmental testing, mining and food quality as well as clinical diagnostic and forensic laboratories. Note that Novachem's products are, unless specified otherwise, for research / analytical use only and not to be ingested or taken.

    For almost 40 years, Novachem has continuously provided this diverse range of specialty products and we are continuing to develop new market opportunities wherever analytical chemistry is utilised. We ensure that whatever the requirement, it is sourced quickly, efficiently and delivered securely to your door.

    Novachem distributes products in Australia and a limited number of products to New Zealand only at this time.  Please find a local vendor if you require shipping outside Australia.

    We proudly distribute: