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Cannabis Pharmacy Distribution

3rd Party Logistics Pharmacy Warehouse and Distribution Services

Novachem has been providing pharmaceutical plant product distribution since 2017, making us one of the longest-term participants in the Australian industry. We are a licenced importer, sponsor, distributor and supplier of medicinal cannabis products.

As a sponsor of plant based pharmaceutical and medicinal products, we have developed a substantive regulatory compliance framework and system for inventory control and management. Novachem's Compliance Supply Register (CSR) system and distribution network is now available to all pharmaceutical product sponsors in Australia as a third party logistics (3PL) service.

We are excited to share our knowledge and infrastructure with other product sponsors in the sector. By leveraging the scalability of our facilities and our experience, we aim to ensure affordability and consistency in the supply service for all pharmaceutical product sponsors.

Novachem provides:

  • Comprehensive supply compliance validation (SAS-B or AP pathways)
  • Secure, government-approved storage for Schedule 8 medicine (S8)
  • Environmentally-controlled, actively-monitored storage conditions
  • Real-time inventory reconciliation and visibility
  • On-demand product sponsor-controlled release
  • Seamless, express nationwide delivery including full pick, pack, and ship
  • Customised report generation
  • TGA reporting template data
  • Collaborative services development and systems integration including Directo
  • Convenient 7-day EOM reconciliation and payment
  • Competitive volume-based service fee structure
  • Flexible, non-exclusive distribution agreements

Our focus is patient wellness and we know that through the services we provide, we will be able to ensure stability and consistency of supply to pharmacy for your products.

To learn more about our distribution services and receive a no-obligation quote based on your product range and monthly sales volumes, register your interest today. Compare our offering with your current distribution costs and experience the Novachem difference firsthand.

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Pharmacy Supply 

Novachem's distribution services can be relied on by every pharmacy in Australia.  We provide a straightforward prefilled online ordering form for all pharmacy products saving time and effort when ordering products. Our freight is shipped by fully traceable, door to door, express courier services ensuring timely receipt of goods.

Novachem's pharmacy account system provides order confirmations, delivery notifications and transparent accounting systems so you have control of your account at all times.  

Novachem's product ranges for pharmacies include both fully finished, patient-ready products, which are in compliance with the relevant quality and supply requirements and a range of products for compounding.

Pharmacies who wish to access products through Novachem's online order system can register below to receive a full pharmacy information pack.

Directo B2B partnership

Novachem has partnered with Pharmacy software company Directo to provide access to Directo's independent B2B pharmacy e -commerce marketplace, allowing even greater access for pharmacy purchasing. 

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TGA Special Access Scheme Sponsor 

Novachem is a Sponsor of a number of products from international suppliers. Novachem works with these international companies in securing access to the Australian market for their products and supporting sales, import, compliance, certification, GMP manufacturing, testing validation and much more. Contact us to find our more.

Bedrocan's Australian Story

Bedrocan is an international cultivation company which grows its products under good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards in The Netherlands. Bedrocan has GMP, GAP and ISO quality accreditations. Each variety, batch-to-batch of Bedrocan's products, contain a consistent composition. They are also free of contaminants such as microbes, pesticides and heavy metals. These products have been rigorously tested to meet international quality standards and requirements. 

Bedrocan's products have been available in Australia in June 2017.

Novachem is the licensed importer of Bedrocan's products and is the Australian Sponsor of Bedrocan's products. These are sourced through the relevant government authorities in The Netherlands.

For more information on Bedrocan, visit Bedrocan's website. 


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