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If you are looking to order Medicinal Care products for your pharmacy, please visit the Medicinal Care Order Portal 

Medicinal Care Order Portal

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Novachem makes no representation implied or otherwise as to the suitability of cannabis products for the therapeutic treatment of any indication or health issue.  Any information contained on this website is for educational and informational purposes only and general in nature. This information is not to be relied upon when considering any therapy. A health professional and/or specialist is the only person who can advise on therapeutic pathways or materials. Products are not available to be purchased by individuals and are only available through validated prescriber pathways.

Bedrocan® Medical Kiwi GOLD Dr Watson
Pablo 1104 Lemon Sherbet Jack Glue
Banjo Killer Glue Motor Breath Strawberry
Guava Chem De La Chem Byron Bay
Medicinal Fruit Cup Nadarra Health Green
Jeannie Syqe® Cartridge Metered Dose
Oral Liquid Oil Karoo Bioscience Helius
Therapeutics HTL Vape Gummy Gelatin
25:25 Somai 0:100 (Isolate) Full Spectrum
Mint Indica Sativa Flower Flavour
2.5:25 10:10 Hybrid Indica Sativa 20:1
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    Please note: Chemical products listed on Novachem's website are for laboratory scientific, industrial and research use only. Products are not for human use or consumption and are not available as therapeutic agents.

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